Posting negative reviews about all products manufactured by competitors is not a new strategy. Internet marketers include it as a part of their arsenal to target the better products manufactured their rivals when they cannot boost the sales of their own. It is the same with e-cigarettes too. Visit any review site about e-cigs: you will invariably find certain negative comments posted by `paid’ reviewers. Some of those comments are so astonishing that they defy all arguments. Can you believe a person stating that he has been purchasing e-cigs for the past 10 years from a particular online portal when that portal is only four years old? If you plan to switch over to electronic cigarettes, go for Volcano, a brand that has earned a name for itself over the past couple of years. Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes have formed a reputation of manufacturing top grade e-cigs in both normal and advanced versions.

Products dedicated to beginners as well as for advanced smokers
Keeping both beginners and advanced smokers in mind, this company manufactures different versions of all brands of their e-cigs. Obviously, they cost more than the other brands of e-cigs available online, but there is no doubt about the superior smoking experience they provide. The devices are sturdy and built to provide users with years of satisfying vaping experience. Unlike many other brands that manufacture their e-cigs in America, but source their e-liquids from overseas, Volcano only sells American made e-juices. Their wide selection of e-liquids, both in terms of flavor and nicotine strengths is second to none. Their outstanding customer service is at your beck and call to solve any problems, a point that other manufacturers cannot claim. This company had initial teething problems, especially with their Magma kits, but they have solved this problem quickly to make it a world-class e-cig. Obviously, you have to pay more for such a product.

Discount for first-time purchasers
In order to keep customers happy, the company has a special offer in which they offer a flat discount of 15%, only on devices, for first-time customers, by using a code that appears on a pop up on their landing page. The look and build of their gift box packing are the best in the industry and their Volcano starter kit contains a wall charger, a V-pack PCC, two V-batteries, five cartridges (you can choose the flavor). This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as they also include a mini-USB cable, and a separate universal serial bus charger (you can use this to charge the battery by connecting one end to the e-cig USB port and the other to your laptop’s USB port). As of date, Volcano offers cartridges in 10 flavors, but based on rumors, they are going to increase that number substantially in the future. Some of the flavors include Pineapple Punch, Milk Chocolate, and CooCoo coconut.

Models for e-cig connoisseurs
Yes, reviewers often complain about the fumes emitted by this e-cig has no significant throat hit. However, they conveniently forget to mention that this model is for beginners. Though the battery does not last long, it recharges faster than that offered by other brands. The Magma starter kit has the same packing as the starter kit, but offers more punch and includes a bottle of your choice of premium E-liquid. It also has a refillable plastic tank that also acts as a mouthpiece. The battery included with this kit also lasts much longer than that of the Volcano starter kit… typically five hours of heavy usage. As with the previous model, the battery charges within 60 minutes. Their Inferno kit pushes standards even further.

Price factor
Those who are worried about the price factor of the different e-cig models manufactured by Volcano will be pleased to know that they can slash the price of this e-cig and its accessories with the help of coupons for Volcano E Cigs. They can help you get amazing discounts like:
• 20% off sitewide
• 20% discount on Volcano premium Lava Line E-juices
• 15% off on Magma kit
• 15% off on 5 E-Juice bottles

Combine these discounts with the initial discount you get from Volcano’s site, and it works out much cheaper than prices charged by substandard e-cigs manufactured by other brands. Utilize coupons for Volcano E Cigs and enjoy premium quality electronic cigarettes at down to earth prices.