We are all about encouraging reading here at the History Literacy site. We also encourage individuals to learn how to research topics, to dig deeper than a short dive into a “wiki” type of post. Not that those don’t have their place – they do; however, it’s important to teach and learn how to move past a cursory glance at an issue of concern.

It’s important to stretch the brain, to compel ourselves to think a little more deeply. Naturally, one of the best ways to successfully encourage someone read more is to find the things that one is really interested in to begin with. If a student has an interest in languages, for example, directing him or her to books and magazines and websites dealing with different cultures might be a good start.

If another student seems to have a propensity towards building or tinkering with things, bring out a vintage copy of something like “Popular Mechanics” or something that provides a glimpse into how things were done before his or her time.

We will be introducing ideas and topics that hopefully will prod students and readers to further explore the love of reading. Thank you for coming by, and please visit again soon.