There are not many health products or supplements that boost the brain’s cognition and simultaneously not cause a host of side effects. Onnit Labs is a health brand that claims its Alpha Brain is the much-needed change buyers are looking for. Alpha Brain is a memory-boosting supplement that nootropics Onnit Labs has been selling since 2010. Let’s find out if Alpha Brain is indeed the pro-brain supplement to buy.


Alpha Brain is loaded with beneficial ingredients such as vitamin B6, L-tyrosine, oat straw extract, L-theanine, phosphatidylserine, alpha-GPC, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and the likes. These all-natural ingredients collectively help boost brain power. Huperzine A and alpha GPC boast significant effects that help enhance the functionality of the brain’s neurotransmitter. These ingredients also have many other nootropic effects. Vinpocetine is the neuro vasodilator that improves blood flow to the brain, thereby augmenting cognition. It also offers other nootropic effects.

Pterostilbene is a neuro antioxidant and nootropic extracted from blueberries. It positively affects dopamine levels within the brain, inducing increased learning and mood increase to euphoric levels (almost). Mucuna pruriens is another important ingredient, which is capable of enhancing almost every functionality in humans. The ingredient supposedly comprises a steroid-like performance enhancer, and also contains l-dopa, a dopamine precursor. Vitamin B6 is part of the picture since it complements the effects of all the other ingredients, besides providing several brain-associated benefits.

Working Mechanism

Alpha Brain works in a couple of ways to enhance the brain’s acetylcholine numbers. First, it provides raw choline via alpha GPC; it’s the best source of choline. The second step entails delivering acetylcholinerase inhibitors (via huperzia serrate) that don’t permit any degradation in acetylcholine.

The improved acetylcholine could also improve the dreams’ vivid nature and lucidity (control). Theoretically speaking, alpha GPC and huperzine lead to human dreams’ vivid nature. If you’re not sure what Alpha Brain’s connection is with quality dreams, look up more established websites such as Reddit and other similar communities that have multiple threads discussing this topic. However, since there is still not much scientific information about dreams, each person would most likely have unique experiences.


There are multiple Alpha Brain benefits, but not every person would experience the same level of goodness. In other words, the product could work in varying combinations and magnitudes based on the person administering the supplement. The following are some of the more common benefits of Alpha Brain:

• Memory Improvement

Improvements in memory power are apparent. In other words, forgetfulness and the necessity to look up a particular thing multiple times just to remember the thing would become history. This benefit shall come in handy if you’re a student or in office, helping you save some precious time.

• Mood Enhancement

The mood-enhancing effect was similar to Adderall. The boost in mood would also positively affect your motivation levels. If you have the habit of postponing difficult tasks and replacing them with easy work, Alpha Brain would help you change that behavior. This positive impact on mood could be attributed to the dopamine increase.

• Dream Clarity and Sleep

You would also notice an improvement in your sleep and ability to recollect details of dreams after you’ve woken up. Administering the supplement prior to bed would take your dreams to lucid dream levels.


Price is something most buyers still give major consideration to when buying supplements or any other product, even if the product in contention is extremely potent and effective. If you’re one of those extremely price-conscious buyers, Alpha Brain may not fit the bill for you. For a month’s worth of supply, you would have to set aside $59.41, which means a couple of bottles. Dosage would be a couple of capsules per day. Yes, the product is expensive but there’s a reason why it costs so much.

Nootropics Onnit provides a money-back guarantee on the product, which is a first for any kind of nootropic supplement. Second, assembling Alpha Brain’s ingredients isn’t straightforward. The difficulty not just lies with sourcing quality ingredients but also in making sure the blend is right. Long story short, Onnit Labs is also pricing its buyers for the convenience offered.


Alpha Brain is recommended to people who have memory and focus issues. And if you’re a student or in a profession that entails quite a lot of mental processing, this supplement is almost a Godsend. That said, kindly talk to your doctor before taking this supplement, especially if you’re already on other medications or have specific health issues. Click here or visit if you’d like to buy the product.